three words dont mean shit to me //

dangerous muse // i want it all

director / cinematographer // greko sklavounos
wardrobe designs // franc fernandez
stylist // brett bailey
hair/makeup // justin lentz

greko and i have a very real internet relationship.
he knows what i like, sends it over and gets me hooked.
intentionally im sure xx

i woke up to find this video he directed for dangerous muse in my inbox.
i quickly emailed him back to thank him and hate him all at once.
really? is this real? because i thought only the contents of my mind looked like this

not only being extremely, let me emphasize that one more time... EXTREMELY visually pleasing ,
but im almost certain the people that live below me are really fucking sick of hearing this song -
ive listened to it all morning . and afternoon . and probably into the night.

heavy on the ears, easy on the eyes, addicted stimulus xx


Anonymous said...

cinematography/quality and song itself is unreal, wow.

Semi said...

mmm, not into the song, but everything else makes me tingle inside.

Anonymous said...

Tingle 10xs

Mary.B. said...

def on my replay list as well. =) thanks for sharing. love it.