a week before i went to all black. - ahh memories of that blonde.
these are the last known photos of it.
definitely not missed.

i ran into mr newton while walking around nyc with my mom a few weeks before thanksgiving -
right before it got ridiculously fucking cold .
these photos are my failed attempt at looking "serious and relaxed" xx thanks eddie

shoes / topshop • leggings / blackmilk • shirt : DIY / necklace : thanks to my friend matt xx • fur vest / divided black
• earrings / dark matter LA and fashionologie


SEMii said...

The dark def looks amazing, but I do like the blond as well . . . but the dark is def so good!

James said...

Hotness, great legs. Approve. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your blond hair rocked,but your black hair rules!You always look amazing and beautiful.

yoshi said...

you can rock ANY color and ANY style =) maintaining the blond is tough (esp if you're not a natural blond gah)... but you rocked it like no other!

Wyna Noh said...

i love black on black..and u look super gorgeous ;)

battered couture said...

fuck this looks amazing. I enjoy your blog daily. it just works.

Obscura said...

You look fucking awesome!