sob story/

i. love. this. weather.
cold and bitter.
in my house, outside.

the prada booties from the contest are up for grabs - best offer. email me.

last night i went over to KMCs to help with a shoot. one of the stylist Alana had this incredible
fucking shoulder shrug piece she made entirely out of trash bags - great piece and inspiring to do something similar x
the model greta is a dead on olsen twin - absolutely gorgeous.

new york this weekend - flea markets - suggestions?


COCAMIA said...

Your beautiful!!!

Siouxsie said...

: ( your so beautiful. miss you giirl.

Anonymous said...

She rocks that! love alana <3

Eugenia B.W. said...

You make me want to go back to hawkin my hair. =]
Love your blog....

Cred to you on mine if you dont mind. =]
<3 G

KeithP said...


Jennifer said...

Your hair look amazing when it's dark! xoxo

Jenny said...

Just perfect=)

Anonymous said...

you're absolutely killing the dark hair. love it!