spineless jellyfish.

first the 160gs video, then a still....but i wanted to know a little bit more about this spine piece...and the hands behind it..

©christina von messling

louis verdads collection louver debuted at la fashion week almost a year ago this march, and this is the first time ive noticed these pieces. i remember discussing skin graft and bl but where was this and why am i just now finding it? i think what i liked most in reading the blackburnandsweetzer article on the designer and his show was finding out it was a complete 360 of previous work.
change is inevitable, but mastering it from one side of the color spectrum to the other , and doing it so well, standing ovation.



J'aime said...

This is so edgy, I love! I love how they've used a model aswell, it adds quirkiness aswell as a little creepy/freaky!


Wyna Noh said...

tht is total genius!!!!! edgy and gorgeous at the same time x

Lauren Loncar said...

I just found this stuff a few days ago! I was debating on making something like the spine thing to shoot with.