third degree burns.

new boots for the winter.
break them in , break them in.

speaking of breaking in , i completely broke down and bought real pants.
yeah, i dont how i managed an entire winter in fucking tights and leggings last year.
hudson was kind enough to send me a pair of black skinnies - that crew must have read my mind -
and it pretty much set the stage for other pants to make their way into my closet.
lower portion shifting permanent wardrobe changes .
for the better.



Siouxsie said...

i fucking told you your hair would look good that way.

Anonymous said...

I really love your hair back.

Cindy B. said...

Hi Nikki would you mind if I asked you where you got your boots? I was looking for the right 20 eyelet boot for my daughter and these look about right but there are so many different kinds it's kind of dizzying :(

- Cindy

dirtyflaws said...

Cindy - email me at : dirtyflaws [at] yahoo.com
and Id be more then happy to give you the direct
link to wear I purchased these ! Mine are a Mens
Doc size 6 but I can show you the ladies version as well!


Trista said...

Love the hair, or lack of it!

Daisy said...

Your blog is incredible!



Anonymous said...

WOWZA! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

Harrisburg accident attorneys said...

Hot hair! Very edgy. You're beautiful!


i live in leggings as well. pants are just uncomfortable after seasons and seasons of leggings. i'd like to write an interview with you sometime, talking about blogging and some of the perks and opportunities it has given you.


Cambry Rene said...

Your blog is sickkk, major love :]

What foundation do you use, though?
Your skin is so enviable.


Ashley said...

is there really a difference between the men and women docs?

dirtyflaws said...

the womens had a zipper on the inside...the mens do not...