we should not let these people forget.

in all honesty, i knew absolutely nothing about pullandbear - i just really enjoyed everything about the video.
it took a trip to the website to figure out what the hell this was for -
the recent look book is shot beautifully, video is powerful and the music extremely fucking catchy.
im into it xx

for a lighter side in exterior , shop pullandbear.com


C said...

interesting. i would never guess that spanish labels were launched first in mexico city than in london. pull and bear has existed for around 5 years here now and it's nice to know they're investing in good campaigns,perhaps the quality gets better just like Zara did.

good post. love your blog.

Alex. said...

I love the video, it's truly amazing.

COCAMIA said...

I love the song!!! The video ROCKS!!!

Siouxsie said...

i'm feelin it.

Mary.B. said...

oo. catchy indeed. feelin it for sure.

Anonymous said...

Cool, the song his "Duck, Hush And Be Still" by danish VETO!!