last night.

got into new york last night - no snow / woke up this morning - fucking winter wonderland.
i love it - great way to end 2009. the city is completely covered , plans are still up in the air for the evening .
all that is certain is alex and i have to get out of this house to get cones so i can finish these boots for tonight.

my bag for the year.
o&s tote.

i can never find the "perfect bag" and when i thought i did with that deux lux number,
it was gone before i even had a chance.
but this bucket style tote bag won me over.

// jewelry : martha rotten , urban outfitters , harveys, chris habana, dark matter la , fashionology , grandmothers //


she comes on like a crippled plaything

heidi ackerman waders

cheek magazine 14 // she comes in waves

turn off the sun.

screenshots // fashiongonerogue

cheek magazine // fete noir


And things, well things, they tend to accumulate.

first saw these on thomas bloodhaus tumblr..

absolute dynamite.
i didnt give hannah holman a second look when i saw her in the urban outfitters catalog.
but this is is fucking gorgeous. she is my supreme pick.
and oddly enough , amongst heavy permanent display , her eye makeup is what first caught my eyes.


vogue russia // january 2010

aw poor bunny. choked on your own bullshit.

©lasse bak mejlvang

saga // 12.2009 // tfs


meet your master

i first saw this forever and a day ago in a lithium picnic shoot -
couldnt stop looking at it then, cant stop looking at it now.
i really fucking need this.

gula asymmetrical over bust leather corset // by antiseptic fashion.

etsy shop exploding with some rad fucking pieces and now 30% off.
better late then never


another version of the truth.

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x2 time around.

hudson x xmas

ill be the first to admit that i talk alot of shit when it comes to denim. but im turning over a new leaf this year -
my legs are too cold and im tired of everyday tights and leggings.
when hudson told me they were sending over a pair of their blackest skinnies i was pretty excited.
i wanted to get a nice pair of jeans and what better time then now.
i can honestly say these.are.it.
the BLACKEST pair of pants i have ever owned.
flat black, a little bit of stretch and just enough room to breath.
perfect for the days when i want to breath
so thank you hudson - for restoring my faith in jeans! xx

i know the quality of these photos is close to shit so ill post full length when i wear them out.
i was at my parents for the holidays and it was non stop the entire time.

and i think we can all appreciate that gigantic kurt cobain poster behind me that still remains
on the same wall it was put on when i moved into that room at 15.
9 years ago and my mom hasnt changed my room one bit since i moved out.
thats why i love going home. things are just how i left it.

so this is how i spent my christmas .

of course.


little moose.

i found party monster under a pile of other books right before i left.
i forgot how good it was - second time around - much better and made for a shorter train ride.

happy holidays x


never taste of the fruit

it started with a motel

// christopher kutner • kelly k //


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heads up - shipping will be slightly delayed due to the holidays xx


push it away but it all comes back.

©ram shergill

// zaid ghanem • couture a/w 2010 • model : polly fey //