just remember when you think you're free

©urivaldo lopes

i know its sunday night but technically my brain is saying its monday.
and what a fucking way to start the week.

ive been looking forward to the new 160grams for what feels like months and february
is starting off with just the right set of pleasures for your feet.

this spread appropriately entitled a landing not totally under control is 8 deep in wear from
vivienne westwood, wonderbra, valentina vox and my personal favorite, phylea

i snapped these three from site for your viewing pleasure.

well maybe for mine but sharing never hurt.


160grams // a landing not totally under control // urivaldo lopes //styling by caroline nadeau


obscur a/w 10

over the highly detailed rants and raves on stylezeitgeist, ill simply say
i have fallen for the presentation, in love with the boots, and the collection of materials used.

the dead calm.


two counts of murder 2.

in new york for 15 hours.

last night i did my video piece for stylelikeu.
never have i been so nervous and i have no idea why.
as ive grown older i find it harder to speak. weird right?
theres minutes of stuttering, my voice goes in and out because ive been sick all week,
and im pretty positive i say the same thing over and over and over again.
the gareth pugh encounter, lack of in philadelphia and my full appreciation of nyc ,
how delia deetz may be one of my biggest fashion icons , and my undying love for latex.
so many incredible and interesting people have been interviewed including my closest friends
and when it comes to me im speechless - all my clothes are black, all of them are the same, its not complicated, only my head is.

elisa goodkind did the interview and shes fucking brilliant.
id like to sit down with her again, camera off, and discuss some of the people she has had the opportunity to film.



paint it black .

accessories by savannah wyatt // notjustalabel



do us part.




inextricably connected.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it ,
i havent been too sprung up on any of the haute couture shows.
so i'm pulling elsewhere.

but when i came across this piece by rebekah frank, i couldn't help but imagine how incredible this would be paired up
with numerous pieces i have seen in the past two days, especially with a few selected from jean paul gaultier ss 10.

army of models in perfect posture.

a exquisite runway staple.

piece in detail via rebekahfrank.com :

Stand straight. Shoulders back. Chest out.

It seems like common sense: good posture exudes confidence and capability.

For a woman, however, it is a thin line.

To push your chest out too far brings unwanted attention,
but to show yourself meek and timid brings its own set of complications.

This piece acts as a posture enhancing device, while at the same time limiting movement.

By restraining the body in a position of confidence and capability, the confusion of gender normative behavior is visually explored.

// rebekah frank / metalsmith //


knitted jumper/leggings/gloves - gareth pugh

©ben toms

dazed&confused // february 10 // styling katie shillingford // ranya mordanova


spellcheck //

// black celebration / vnfold / antonella arismendi //

death valley.


thanks ashburn xx

oak 10


oak black label // spring 10 // oaknyc.com


3 twenty ten.

thetwentyten//collection 3


// damir doma fw 2010




// vogue paris february 2010



sneak peak at whats to come from dora mojzas

12 new looks and introducing mens


if im this stoked on these images , real life might kill me


ro2010 .


armwear > footwear surprisingly for once.
with that being said i zoomed in for a close up.
into the exposed tips & plated hardened lava looking arm brackets
jackets & coats . now and always will be a classic

rick owens fall 2010

sight and sound.

elizabeth spent a few hours one night with me in my apartment and i let her into a few of my favorite things
including but not limited to // liquid latex, thigh highs, heavy hoods and an itunes filled with what sounds like a
haunted house mix they sell at halloween adventure.

she captured a few shots and created this video .

i thought it turned out pretty fucking rad

dimshoppe coming soon



2010 is a phenomenal year for julius. first ss now this.
gathered leather, straps and dark peakaboo pieces.
love. yet again

julius fall 2010 //


cut croc.

i 110% get the hype. its fucking raw.
and completely unattainable by any means on my budget.

balmain // crocodile tail coat leather jacket // $74,000 // luisaviaroma.com

juun j .


finally !
something off the paris fashion week runway im really fucking into

// juun j fall 2010


androgynous body consciousness


dazed & confused february 2010 // © karim sadli // model valerija kelava

i could be alot of things.

so this was another accidental find.

i was fucking around on vimeo and noticed a wardrobe i was most enviess of.
in fact the whole video setting, which later finding was shot in the paris studio of jean paul gaultier,
filled with babes in sheer frontal tights, forms in a selection of various x's , and must know i love a strict button up -
whoever is behind this video wardrobe - get at me


martin solveig x dragonette x boys & girls

12th hour.

©peter ryle

amongst the heavy photo traffic in my folders,
i nearly forgot about these raw images from foxymans partner in business crime camis graduate collection.
fucking unreal and cant wait to see more
these are beyond inspiring.



visual acuity

things you may not know :
1. i cant see for shit - those glasses are real. and im real blind.

2. elizabeth santry spent a few hours last night at my apartment in philadelphia
shooting , what i am almost certain will be a well depicted video, of me drowning in my environment
a few elements made it - including this caged number which when not keeping the wall company serves as a jewelry stand
we failed however to capture the countless hours spent watching law&order svu.
that would be very appropriate to real life