inextricably connected.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it ,
i havent been too sprung up on any of the haute couture shows.
so i'm pulling elsewhere.

but when i came across this piece by rebekah frank, i couldn't help but imagine how incredible this would be paired up
with numerous pieces i have seen in the past two days, especially with a few selected from jean paul gaultier ss 10.

army of models in perfect posture.

a exquisite runway staple.

piece in detail via rebekahfrank.com :

Stand straight. Shoulders back. Chest out.

It seems like common sense: good posture exudes confidence and capability.

For a woman, however, it is a thin line.

To push your chest out too far brings unwanted attention,
but to show yourself meek and timid brings its own set of complications.

This piece acts as a posture enhancing device, while at the same time limiting movement.

By restraining the body in a position of confidence and capability, the confusion of gender normative behavior is visually explored.

// rebekah frank / metalsmith //


f1ab said...

this post is amazing. wow.

Arizona bankruptcy lawyer said...

This is way sexy!

InnyVinny said...

I love a conceptual piece that looks like some dangerous bondage apparatus at the same time.


Momma Moose said...

This reminds me of something from angels and demons.

Ashburn Eng said...

they look one of those killer machine in "SAW MOVIE"!!

Mcmaris said...

This is amazing I cant get over it. So evil and sexy!!

Jenny said...

a sidenote,

you should have won that blog contest. I wont slather on the compliments but the design and layout of your blog was superior to the others in the running, and your style is so much more compelling.

dirtyflaws said...

jenny - thank you xx that means alot - it was a fun and interesting experience to say the least hahaha

Mary.B. said...

love this. dam sexy.

Rebekah said...

This is Rebekah Frank, the artist that made the work. Evil and sexy, I love it! Thanks for all the compliments, esp InnyVinny's about conceptual bondage... The recent installation in a gallery looked like a dungeon until they put on the flood lights. I have new work on my website: www.rebekahfrank.com . Thanks to dirtyflaws for posting and for making the connection to JP Gaultier--I am honored!