two counts of murder 2.

in new york for 15 hours.

last night i did my video piece for stylelikeu.
never have i been so nervous and i have no idea why.
as ive grown older i find it harder to speak. weird right?
theres minutes of stuttering, my voice goes in and out because ive been sick all week,
and im pretty positive i say the same thing over and over and over again.
the gareth pugh encounter, lack of in philadelphia and my full appreciation of nyc ,
how delia deetz may be one of my biggest fashion icons , and my undying love for latex.
so many incredible and interesting people have been interviewed including my closest friends
and when it comes to me im speechless - all my clothes are black, all of them are the same, its not complicated, only my head is.

elisa goodkind did the interview and shes fucking brilliant.
id like to sit down with her again, camera off, and discuss some of the people she has had the opportunity to film.



Lisa said...

Im sure you were brilliant.


Ashburn Eng said...


dirtyflaws said...

thanks lisa xx

nadine. said...

oh i am SO exiting to see the video.

i love your style and your blog since i discovered just a few weeks ago and yeah. just lotsa love from germany

Sam said...

did she at least use a tripod this time? they usually don't film very well.

kaitlyn said...

where did you find those shoes?? the heels are OUTrageous. i love them.

Taj said...

I'm sure you did a phenomenal job:)
I cant wait to see it
(those shoes are MEGAMAZING)