although using some of my favorite materials in the clothing ( can never have enough leather and pvc combinations ),
i was more into the accessories nicomede talavera created that accompanied the collection.

do you blame me?



nicomede talavera // aw10


constant experimentation

just a little something to throw on.

dMajuscule // notjustalabel

peeped // at nyfw

2.15.10 // gareth pugh s09 coat / topshop boots

on our way to rad hourani last week , alex and i ran into a one phil oh / streetpeeper
outside of milk studios - an absolute pleasure x and despite the high cross winds ,
took a rad shot of yours truly in - watch out - something thats not solid black ! xx thanks phil

for deeper wardrobe description visit : theconsideredensemble
( love what their doing - lets the imagination run wild with only peoples description of their current exterior )


to answer the question on my height : im barely 5'4" - when worn without shoes , the coat touches the ground.

erratic progression.


memories of green // muse 21 // greg kadel


in the beginning there was nothing - a void of darkness

tush 19 // mask • boutique bizarre


hell here.

i love the language of control.

interchangeably from submissive to dominant
- throwing in some loose ends of fun with the tulle halo .

i think thats what i always enjoyed about pam hogg -
every collection she creates shows her projecting personality in materials
not to mention, a killer catsuit.

pam hogg // aw 2010

reminded me alot of those thigh highs i scored off of ebay.


pteropus conspicillatus

txell miras // aw2010

fancy bats

tucked , wrapped , fitted , and snapped.

really into how the looks were shot - eyes shut , head back. speaks volumes.


possessed of magical sensitivity

ann sofie // aw 2010

second life

magical, edgy and fearless with a soft sense of empowerment overtaking any female that embodies the pieces.
just the cut outs on the first dress are unreal and i can only image how incredible it looked in movement on the runway.
im experiencing not only a liking to this second life, but in second skin.
more gray variations have dawned my body this year then ever.
i feel its only the beginning.



and all though im not exactly sure whats going on here ( spats, thigh highs, tights, or a complete shoe? )
but im mad crazy about it



watching fate as it flows

gemma slack // aw 10

hands down one of the most beautiful video presentations i've seen this season



©mert alas & marcus piggott via TFS

interview magazine // march 2010 // lara stone


mother mary wont you whisper

chaos magazine #5 // photography - eric martin // via coutequecoute



new york - you never let me down.
and i am forever in debt to you for introducing me to the raddest fucking people.

starting with ....

lady zana from garbage dress at the metal magazine party.
she was entering, i was leaving, we collided at the steps and the rest is history

and her fucking shoes .... cant even handle.

true romance.

hey american apparel. thanks for the underwear.
definitely put to good use.


nyfw // eyeballs.

// victor de souza autumn/winter 2010 - 2011

contacts / eye liner // black eyes.

thanks hadar xx



twentyten collection three // elle rex

LFW preview

asger juel larsen // aw 10/11

eun jeong // aw 10/11

gemma slack // aw 10/11

©photos // fashion156

NYFW // thetwentyten

©yours truley

// the twentyten // third collection