hell here.

i love the language of control.

interchangeably from submissive to dominant
- throwing in some loose ends of fun with the tulle halo .

i think thats what i always enjoyed about pam hogg -
every collection she creates shows her projecting personality in materials
not to mention, a killer catsuit.

pam hogg // aw 2010

reminded me alot of those thigh highs i scored off of ebay.


The Style Revolution said...

These pics are badass!

Amanda said...

omg is that iridescent leather? btw, i was at twentyten near the beginning...got some photos, and left after like 20 min. too bad we missed each other :( next time you are in the city, hit me up!

bravegrrl said...


thanks for always sharing something i haven't seen on other blogs twenty million times.


Razzi said...

The last pictures like OH HAI, just jumped out of the shower. Oh whats that you say, I still have a shower puff on my head?

Paddy☮ xx
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dirtyflaws said...

oh hai! hahah

Tastes Eclectic Fashion said...

This is kick ass. I love it.

Mcmaris said...

WOW, those thigh highs are bananas!!!

Emma said...

i adore jethro cave.


Mat said...

love pam hogg, love leather, love black. so flawless yeah!

where did you get the images from? i cant find them anywhere on the net