2nd time around.

the x -on / the clinic

i received a million and one emails about the jc clinics i posted my gams in a few months ago
but was unsuccessful in helping anyone get their feet into a pair. they were sold out just about everywhere.

well ive got good news -

officially in stock with my good friends at karmaloop! and now with an added partner to the batch - the x-on shoe.

lowest price point i have seen yet / get them before they are lost forever xx



Amanda said...

there are like at least 4 variations of these i can say for a fact. there's the original wedge ones they first did and the other day i saw more sandal platform variations...they were at that shoe store on broadway between prince and spring if anyone is in ny!

dirtyflaws said...

yeah these x-ons are the newest ones i have seen... the clinics are my pick amongst the whole batch

dirtyflaws said...

have you seen the knee highs linked to these? i tried them on at LF - not so much a fan....maybe it was the pirate style flap

Martha said...

The ones by Akiko Ogawa or a Campbell version? I swear, Jeffrey Campbell mercilessly rips off other designers, but he does it really, really well!

dirtyflaws said...

The jcs - I didn't even know they were secondary till a friend told me , I never saw them anywhere else. Either way they are great!

calluna said...

They don't ship to Poland and won't answer my emails - this is possibly the saddedst thing ever. I want those shoes so much!