heaven sent

where do i even begin.

lets start with holy shit.

serious note - i went to catholic school for 9 years.
church every friday and sunday morning.
partially taught by nuns, fully taught that everything was a sin .
a few things will follow me till death - my love for religious imagery/symbolism
and a complete and accurate memorization of every before , after and during prayer.

i came across our lord & saviour this evening thanks to carl ganivet from the an0ther mags love circle
and was immediately searching for more -
like where to get it - oh what do you know - straight from hands that dealt it :

controversial? depends on who your holding it next to -
but undeniably the raddest clutch ive seen to date.



Naughty Lulu said...

yes! i love this!

Amanda said...

13 years of catholic school here... thou shalt not lie, this bag is BADASS

Sjaar said...

got to have.

Mcmaris said...

OMG obsessed with crosses and roman catholic symbolism. I really want that clutch!

alexdonald said...

Love this. I'm Irish and went to convent schools. However, with all the church scandals that have happened here, I don't know if I could wear it. Sad but true!

nycartstyle said...

i love it.

and catholic school? really? never would have guess.

Sally said...

Do you know the price of the clutch? Great blog by the way!

dirtyflaws said...

sally - contact jason at
info@our-lordandsaviour.com for prices xx

FASH ON said...

Oh my God! I need to have this!



Rich Hippie said...

aw man i want one so bad