shin /

in all its simplistic glory, it really looks like a perfect spring/summer wardrobe.
draped, loose and curved.

i first spotted this label in the oak bond location and have been hooked.
head to toe. wrapped sandals and all.

shin // ss10


Chloe Michele said...

This is so beautiful, just everything. All the cuts just work perfectly, the draping hangs so perfectly.

I just want to marry this.


Siouxsie said...

ugh I love this and I love that they put kara in it!! Love kara

Pennerad said...

this is gorgeous.
i want ALL.

Anna Marie said...

really fantastic! thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Love This !!

Sarah: said...

Such a good collection - aw man. I might have to save and shell out some money this spring. :3

Chasing Cherries said...


May Kasahara said...

LOVE /////

inkarlcerating said...

oh i love yer blog
thanks for nourishing me with these photos