never in my life have i been into jewelry as much as i have been now.
in fact , i didn't even really start wearing any till the last 2 years - i have a habit of just taking pieces off,
throwing it wherever and then thats it. i dont see it again till im packing up to move.
but then i was introduced to a jewelry box ( i know crazy concept ) and im in shape. took long enough but i got it together.

another finding thanks to notjustalabel / really into the hard materials with a touch of diamonds and pearls.



le pearl said...

Gosh this is smooth stuff <3

Thanks for the introduction

Another_City_Blog said...

tell me that...is there any GOOd reason that tine fucks gonna be soooo much expensive???
Vivienne Westwoods orb neckles is cheaper :P

Dean Ryan @ Moda Por Favor said...

I'm exactly the same with jewellery, before if I ever wore something or had piercings i'd be playing with them so so much so it never worked,
I'm less anxious now so it works.
and give me all those pieces

dean x