you just pull it all from here.
what did you do before i fed you ?

my apartment is currently boxes stacked to the ceiling - somewhere lies a bed in a sea of clothes.
for anyone late on the tip, im moving to new york.
there are no words to express the excitement running through my veins.
a move that should have happened a year ago.

with a quarter life crisis set to take place in june ,
what better way then to celebrate with a dirtyflaws collaboration tshirt with one of my favorite brands-
guess you'll have to keep popping your head back to see
and maybe a new member to the family? four legged friends are always a plus

all photos ©jonathan waiter

ship up and out - im getting rid of a few things.
alot of which never been used, or have but saw my lighter days.
impulsive retail therapy is alive and well in this apartment i see.
and i know all of these things could become of great use to someone x
best offer - feel free to email me at dirtyflaws [ at ] yahoo.com with the item as the subject line.
ship everywhere / i have more photos of each

• complex geometries vertex gown small • h&m divided exclusive shoulder/tulip dress 6 •

• ipreen dress small • f21 studded bag •

• gemma degara dress medium • s&n leather strapless dress 4 •

• tuk creepers us m6/w8 uk5 eu39 •


mono said...

wanna do a trade? a mono asymmetrical collar vest in a small or medium for the complex geometries shirt?

thanks for posting about the etsy monoshop!

Owner/Designer of mono

Miss M said...

good luck on your adventure! im feeling the same way, turning 30 this year, considering the new york move soon...
Miss M

Anonymous said...

congrats on moving to new york! you'll love it here. even tho it seems like you're a new yorker already.

even though i'm already in the city i desperately want to move into my own apartment. so i am very jealous of you right now. lol

love the pics you posted with this. are they by hedi slimane?

Anonymous said...

how exciting that you're moving to new york! cheers!

dirtyflaws said...

thank you guys so much - im really excited about starting this new chapter in my life x