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and may i make a few suggestions ....

malu riding leggings,ny chhorm romper tee and a personal favorite
dark matter dripping with envy earrings


Alexandra said...

Your blog is classy as hell, love it.

dirtyflaws said...

thank you alexandra x

Ronald Garner said...

This is dope please follow me back

SANDRA said...

Hi nice that you had time to stop by... :) you are sweet.. and so are those leggings!! you should get them. btw. did you get the black cross clutch you wrote about a while back...?

take care love xx


Anonymous said...

i wunder so much about what your going to wear this spring/summer

Anonymous said...

F'n amazing bottoms on the first image!!! And those earrings are so cool!!!

Sweet Blog, I'll be back lol!