symptom of his own invention

screen shots by dirtyflaws

phantasmagoria : the visions of lewis carroll

hauntingly beautiful and mentally mindfucking
( featuring lily cole - never fails )

fingers crossed that one minute and thirty six seconds
is not the only taste i get in this lifetime.
very curious to see if and how it plays out.


Ma princesse de pêches said...

Love the term 'mentally mindfucking' haha it's a good one. The photos are incredibly striking in an odd way, they work perfectly
xx. Peach Princess ♥

Momma Moose said...


Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Aaaahhh you screen capped it before it got taken down! Apparently Manson is furious about it (that it got leaked). I'm so glad I got to watch it.

chloe said...

wow, i used to be a huuuuge manson fan, good to see that he's preparing a mindblowing comeback, thanks for posting!

n mondragon said...

really glad i got to see these.

elle said...

thanks for sharing it's amazing :*
I'll be watching this for sure