...and we shall see what will become of his dreams

finally! the reborn shop is exploding in new ss10 material.

i've been sworn by a backpack for months now but this
is too good to deny.

gareth pugh // triangular stitched leather bag


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing an Alexander Wang triangle bag but this Gareth one is waaay better =)

Anonymous said...

I know you had posted a wedge not too long ago. Thought I'd suggest this wedge by Dolce Vita if you hadn't already viewed it.
I can think of a million and one outfits I could just toss on with these.

meagan said...

omg. need. now.


Amanda said...

saw this too and i'm dy-ing!

akaCola said...

that is one beautiful bag! the triangle shape is just amazing! want one. now. love your blog! :)