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with every fashion week event comes an overabundance of the same exact mess on site -
in all efforts to stand clear, i try to avoid runway shots...
but there are some things you cant avoid , leading me to friedrich gray.

the first shot i saw was of the shoes and at that point i really didn't give a shit what the rest of it
looked like because i was fixated on yes, another wedge.
( which now that i look back - 90% of the wedges i post look exactly like the pair before )

but once i looked up it all made sense - bare knit tops , soft leathers and rock solid bottoms.

friedrich gray - ss1011


Sascha said...

Love Friedrich Gray and everything he does. It's perfectly ok to fall in love with essentially the same wedge over and over. I do it all the time! My affair is with the perfect urban combat boot, I want them all!!

Thanks for posting, and loving my CG dress!

Stephanie said...

I like them (of course, because wedges are so comfy!!) but they remind me an awful lot of Rick Owens' mummy wedges.

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Pretty sure these ARE Rick Owens wedges, afaik Ben doesn't do shoes. As I reviewed on Sea Of Ghosts, I really feel like this collection is missing it's essence, if you check out his previous collections you'll see he's pretty well known for his stunning digital prints. This collection had none. I'm a massive drooling Friedrich Gray fangirl and I'm pretty sure I've completely pissed Ben off by being a bit of a stalker, so I say that with love. But as Imelda Matt said after the runway, "With (Dion) Lee & now (Christopher) Esber snappin' at his hem lines, Friedrich Gray needs 2 get off his laurels, tonight's collection felt lazy."

I really wouldn't say it's lazy because it's rather considered in it's minimalism. But I really thought he could have done more.

On that note, if you haven't already - you MUST check out Christopher Esber's RAFW solo debut!


dirtyflaws said...

Alicia- I thought the same thing about the shoes ! The website I pulled the photos from list the shoes as part of the collection so I thought maybe they were just very similar but now that I look at them they look exactly .

inkarlcerating said...

omg.. the wedge is amazing!!!!
amazing photos

Amanda said...

rick owens or not, they are dope

Jessie said...

Ooh this is one of my favorite posts! I want all of that, please. Yum.

I love your blog so.

Jessie Askinazi