lioness, fireheart

©mathieu fortin //triptyqu3

new collection pieces by audrey cantwell //


Anonymous said...

this is so random but u should make a room/house tour(like ur furnishing style)...or a closet tour...ohh and u should make a formspring becuase i dont know shittt about u..lol and i luv ur blog

Anonymous said...

wat are some songs do u listen to.. can u name a few, wat camera do u use, and u should take more pics of ur self. oh and who did ur hair, like who cut it..very nice

Ma princesse de pĂȘches said...

Such cool photos, I love them!
xx. Peach Princess ♥

meagan said...

i loooove audrey cantwell's stuff, been meaning to get something from for a while now. the new collection looks to be just perfect.


candy said...

so beautiful

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY love this. Been obsessively buying everything blackmarketbaby since I discovered her etsy store.