well - the time has come.
getting the fuck out of philadelphia.
the whole moving process has been completely draining
but every step well worth it

for the next three / four days i may be without internet access
( we'll see how fast i can get someone out to my new apartment in new york to get my life back )
i will have access through my phone so i can receive emails ,
my post however will be residing in ghost town till friday


and if i can get everything in gear - this is where i will be on wednesday

conventnyc and carrie morrissey, the hands behind the brand i love you none the less, are hosting
a launch party for the line that is now being sold at convent!
wednesday may 26th - fat baby / 112 rivington street - open bar

i love you none the less hits my softer side and in another lifetime if i had legs for days ,
the high waist mauve damask satin daisy would be my short of the summer.

go. have a drink. and other. and one more.


Mcmaris said...

honestly their stuff is freakin awesome.

exposed shoulder pads....bananas

Egoitz Azcona said...

IncreĆ­bles fotos :)