black cloud.

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video always offers a much more surreal experience -
taking you to greater heights on exterior exposure.

how many collections can one pass extreme perfection?

damir doma // ss11


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silk cut

i dont even know why im bothering looking at pre orders for september -
especially ones that cost close to five grand.

guess its wishful thinking that the weather drops to 60 degrees by tomorrow afternoon.

gareth pugh silk coat // luisaviaroma.com


silent tramp

john galliano took a slight detour in reverse
in this theatrical charlie chaplin inspired 2011 spring collection.
a little time travel never hurt anybody.
and in this case it woke me up from the zz's i was catching on other shows.
but really, is there ever a dull moment with john galliano?

would love to see some of these looks recreated on the streets.

© fatalefashion / tfs

studio 1.

spanish neo2 and the ever jaw dropping blow presented a collaborative shoot filled with pieces from
gemma slack , craig lawrence , varun sardana ,asger juel larsen , piers atkinson and a personal favorite , lina osterman.

© daniel muhindi via blowpresents


black stump 2.

completely obsessed with this entire look

arj selvam // ss11 // black stump // © f-t


second dose.

in a swarm of mixed reviews , the rick owens spring 2011 collection is out -
for those of us who couldn't be in paris to witness it first hand.
and what can i say?
i love every collection.
its black. its white.
its heavy , symmetrical and has every single
touch of a rick owens collection - right down to the feet.

© andre
w thomas


another early morning pit stop last week was to the studio of art director / videographer char alfonzo ,
a friend i made prior to moving to the city. in fact the entire set was filled with friends doing hair,
makeup and the designer whose work was to be featured on film, jonathan goldstein.
we arrived during the mayhem of putting the last finishing touches on a few familiar givenchy faces
who were drowning in head to toe layers of bevel jewelry.

i can tell you this is going to be yet another incredible video.

i shot an interview with char only to get home and realize the volume was on every level of fucked -
so photos will serve

it was a morning full of unexpected run ins, including asher ...
his 2010 fall/winter collection shot by char made it here -
but most recently its all about this piece.

the face behind bevel - jonathan goldstein

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michele lamy // © yi zhou // sang bleu

current desktop / constant obsession

to not cast stones amongst others in the woods.

how come i had never seen these before?

thomas clothing // © mark lowe