another early morning pit stop last week was to the studio of art director / videographer char alfonzo ,
a friend i made prior to moving to the city. in fact the entire set was filled with friends doing hair,
makeup and the designer whose work was to be featured on film, jonathan goldstein.
we arrived during the mayhem of putting the last finishing touches on a few familiar givenchy faces
who were drowning in head to toe layers of bevel jewelry.

i can tell you this is going to be yet another incredible video.

i shot an interview with char only to get home and realize the volume was on every level of fucked -
so photos will serve

it was a morning full of unexpected run ins, including asher ...
his 2010 fall/winter collection shot by char made it here -
but most recently its all about this piece.

the face behind bevel - jonathan goldstein

© all photos by dirtyflaws.com


ooothundathighrevo said...

his work is fantastic, checking out his site now.

Fanylibrary said...

I love the shoes !!!!!!!!!!!!

runawayfromhome said...


FashionLifeCoach said...

Can admit, this stuff is really awsome. Great accessory detail and I appreciate that some are not just decorative, but also with a kind of functionality.

Maria said...

I just love Bevel. It's a great concept to offer different kinds of versions on the same piece! Especially love the claw in skeletal + modern.

maggie battles said...

those shoes are KILLER! i'm totally gonna make a pair for myself!