call vh1 - best week ever !

in an ultra mash up of photos from ellerex and myself - my big 2 5
at new york city motorcycle federation last night.

i can not thank everyone enough for making it out and celebrating with me the last few days -
wouldn't have spent it any other way.
this has been an incredible week and the start of so many exciting adventures to be had in new york

special thank you to nymf for letting us take over the spot


Anonymous said...

You look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks SO rad!


happy bd :)

NOIR_XXX said...

wow on the cake! yum!
wow on the outfit and how gorge u look!
happy bday!!!!!!

adele said...

Your friends are all gorgeous. Happy birthday! I love your hair and what you're wearing.

Anonymous said...


happy birthday btw!

meagan said...

happy birthday :) hope that cake was as delicious as it looked!

Izumihiiiflower said...

you are sooooooo pretty!
your friends look so cool!