calm before the storm

i spent a large portion of the early monday morning hours thinking of just how exactly
i was going to introduce the in aisce ss2011 collection.

so instead, in a collaborative decision, its going to happen in two parts -
starting with a lookbook i was privileged enough to witness in the making.

in aisce ss2011 // that grows above the polis

models - tet wada - mollie gondi - jason lowrie

© photography - jeff elstone
hair - edward lampley
makeup - alexandra kwiatkowski
assistant - mack sam


Chloe Michele said...

Wow. This is beyond incredible. Its so different, I'm seriously in love.

meagan said...

i LOVE mollie gondi. and i love androgynous silhouettes, and textured jackets. this is full of win.


Maeve said...

bearded models, asian models, moss, neutrals, amazing! amazing. thank you for sharing.

Miss M said...

Love this. The setting is perfect, the models are stunners.
Miss M