chaos forever.

last night my friend jon and i went over to the sang bleu launch + exhibition ,
an event i was really looking forward to based solely on the few images floating around online .

the publication features some of the most beautiful experimental and influential works i've seen in quite awhile.
i rarely purchase print, probably a major loss on my part, but i wasn't leaving last night without it.
it feels good to step away from viewing the screen for inspiration.

for anyone unable to attend/view , it'll land here as soon as i can find the scanner buried deep within the closet walls.


Jeans Please! said...

Awesome photos!

Anonymous said...

Did you have on a gigantic white shirt?! What are the tattos on your back??

galatea. said...

soo good x


Linda said...

wow, i'm liking this magazine.
it's so experimental

L.Amber said...

can i just say how much i miss you! and the small sense of style that philly has got even smaller when you left...i wouldn't leave it up to anyone else to post kickass stuff like this girl!...ps, i gave my blog some CPR :) (jellyskirt.com)

meagan said...

this magazine looks incredible, i'd love to get my hands on a copy. do you know if i can get it online?