degrees of separation

there is a tiny dark cloud over my shopping experiences this week.
i've become a regular in the return line further proving that the lighting
in the majority of fitting rooms is mind fucking. that or im just really indecisive.
but one thing i am sure on is this harness.

yesterday i spent the day with zana bayne - a personal favorite and the hands behind garbage dress -
who must have known that my wardrobe was lacking in hardware when she ripped this guy from her bag and surprise!
cant thank you enough z

alright new york i need your help -
with this shopping drought, i've got to be missing something.
a shop in the dark. an underground passage way, hidden gem.
any suggestions on a place to get a hot little number for the birthday?
9 more days




loving the ensemble.

not a fan of fitting rooms, fitting in general.

andrea said...

you need a place to get a kick ass outfit? try Bess on Lafayette, seven, of course, rick owens boutique on hudson st, opening ceremony, no. 6 store for starters. What about the shop where Zana works? good luck and happy b day!

fruit skeletons said...

uuuugh i've been so close to ordering one of her pieces... seeing how you styled it is about to push me over the edge...

elizabeth said...

what a perfect shopping outfit.

sorry about your luck, sometimes a drought in clothing can be a good thing..makes me more creative with the crap i never wear in the back of my closet.

dirtyflaws said...

andrea - rick owens was the only one i didnt go to today and no 6 i had never even heard of so thank you for filling me i will certainly check it out this week xx

liz - YES! very true - i keep looking at things i havent worn in forever and trying to put a twist on it

Chloe Michele said...

Fitting rooms make me want to tear my hair out.

You on the other hand, make me smile.

Gorgeous x

zana bayne said...

Yayyyyyyyy HARNESS POWER. PS I need to snip those straps...they're too long. PS Andrea is awesome, check out her suggestions :)

le pearl said...

Far out is this you?
You are quite the style cat <3 Always loved the androgynous theme of your blog.

I bought similiar sunnies on Ebay recently, cannot wait to wear them.

Anonymous said...

Oh I really love the harness and the whole outfit. You are so unique looking I´d like to see more of your outfit posts rather than brand fashion photos ;-)

Jesika said...

LOVE your outfit/style... lovely!

What are the sunglasses you're wearing?