methods of power.

comfortable and powerful , relaxed but intense ,
bottega venetas resort 2011 definitely won me over within the first 3 seconds of runway.
my own wardrobe keeps growing with button downs of all cuts and black bottoms of every length
( this week alone my friend alex survived boredom when i tried on one pair of black slacks after the other )

obsessed with the layover length or the pants and the roll ups,
my only draw back would be the shoes.

all of them.

the collection definitely strays towards the end but starts off strong
with 4 looks i will certainly be emulating this month



Chloe Michele said...

Omg the way everything falls is just perfect. I'd feel like such a sexy business lady in those clothes.


Shandi said...

i enjoy the androgyny of the clothes, especially the first two ensembles you posted, but that dress...i mean that dress is amazing! i agree with you on the shoes tho...eh.

I linked to this post on my blog, hope you don't mind. :)