of the east.

© charlie rubin

charlie rubin and scott schnur payed a visit to my apartment a few days - when the humidity was through the roof
and everything i put on seemed to be melting off by the time i hit the front door.
i cant explain how much i hate the summer. the sun . all of it.

i did however invest in two shape shftr tail blouses which have become favorites
and perfect for this weather - at least when its not sweltering ( black one seen here )

its a serious summer.


Linda said...

The blouse is beautiful. A perfect staple for spring and fall, but definitely not for summer. You still look very well put together nonetheless.


great shot image nr1.

KNITCAKE said...

You are not alone, I do not do well with summer or the sun either. My favorite is misty rainy days. That shape shftr tail blouse looks amazing.

NOIR_XXX said...


Leslie said...

I seriously hate summer. I just quit dog walking because my entire face is melting

meagan said...

summer sucks. for real. it's nearly impossible to maintain a personal style when its too hot for layering. you look great though!

That Guy said...

Nikki--you are far too hot and I want you to bear my children. Please marry me. I'm quite serious about that one, too.