plain practices .

my friend hunter and i spent some time shopping this afternoon and im almost positive
i mentioned similarities in exterior that can be seen in the row resort 2011 collection .
modest ,clean straight lines.
this should come as no surprise seeing the last couple of editorials i've posted ( minus alice in latex ) -
and i wish i could pull these bottom too immediately but unfortunately due to the fucking heat wave that
will soon be approaching , i don't think a button up looks as good when you're having a heat stroke.

waiting patiently.


dario said...

thanks for sharing! the straight cuts and model's hair make them look zombie like, i love it.

adele said...

It's so frustrating to see things you want to wear when the weather is wrong for them.
Both sets of designs are beautiful.

Chloe Michele said...

Need these items for Australian winter. I love the cuts, they are incredible x


Jakub JenĨo said...


Linda said...

I love all these plain staples!