silent tramp

john galliano took a slight detour in reverse
in this theatrical charlie chaplin inspired 2011 spring collection.
a little time travel never hurt anybody.
and in this case it woke me up from the zz's i was catching on other shows.
but really, is there ever a dull moment with john galliano?

would love to see some of these looks recreated on the streets.

© fatalefashion / tfs



GAAAAWD, I love Galliano!!

Jennifer said...

can't get enough of this! he is amazing!

rhyannonjoy said...

*GASP! stunning. just, stunning.

Mary.B. said...

LOVE this. it would be awesome to have seen it in person.

bixx said...

i posted about this too- it's spot on. prefer the quality of the images you posted tho.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice Galliano's penis on the first pic ?