storm 0

behind the scenes of that grows above the polis // in aisce ss11

all photos by dirtyflaws

in previous mention , last tuesday i spent the evening at the studio of in aisce.
an extreme case of social anxiety had kept me from staying more then 10 minutes at the recent presentation
during nyfw, so i was grateful to have another opportunity to see everything up close and personal.

where do i even start -
this is one creative space that completely made sense after meeting jona , the hands behind the line.
the aura , the energy level, even the foreground music - everything just fit.
not to mention a power team involved in the visuals - photographer jeff elstone, makeup artist
alexandra kwiatkowski , hairstylist edward lampley , stylist chadd curry
and a trio of beauty - tet wada, mollie goldin and jason lowrie.

the outcome of the lookbook is the evidence of incredible journey into the ss collection


btiatto said...

hey, who is the guy on the side of chad curry in this photo?


i loved his style! i also love your blog! im from brazil and i read it everyday!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Love your style.
Please come check out my blog

Trista said...

How awesome for you! Looks like an incredible experience and thank you so much for sharing!

Their clothes make me wish I was a guy sometimes.