swift and prey.

unholy matrimony // silver handmade fang ring // atelier new york


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woah :o

Clint Catalyst said...

Darn that Brett Westfall!

In my scatter-shot land-mine of a memory, I recall him lurking outside a boutique I managed back in 2001. Cute, thin, and decidely of the "skater boy" ilk, he had samples of his line draped over an arm and for a good 15-20 minutes stood on the sidewalk, attempting to act all mad cazh with each furtive glance shot through the front window (punctuated with a flip of his dirty blond bangs, which I assumed was for dramatic effect).

I would remark, "'Then poof!' he disappeared" -- except that in the current context (translation: written by the uber-poofter that I am), I can't help but think one's thoughts would veer towards inevitable double-entendres...

When that? That is not the case.

On the contrary, what I intend to say here is: "extra-curricular" activities played a part in his non-appearance in the shop, until later... when I begged/pleaded/pseudo-slyly coerced the shop's owner to begin carrying his home-spun, (then) burgeoning line with the Goth-damaged name: Unholy Matrimony.

The boutique is long gone, and I haven't seen the gent in years, yet BAM!

Here "he" is again—-or rather, one of his sublime creations, a recurring character in the narrative I refer to as My Blue Screen life.

And damn, are these interwebz all the better for it.

Whether or not he sees these words, all the same: effing congrats, maing!

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You've made it/You're making it