mollie & omahyra

i met mollie a few days ago on the in aisce shoot ( that is a whole other post in itself )
and really cant get enough of her. this girls energy is un real

laura leaves me on the border line of regret for shaving both sides of my head

first - i would like to thank every single person who had a part in the best birthday i have ever had.
and i truly mean that-
thursday just got better and better.
so thank you x
and don't forget tomorrows blow out at NYMF !

prior to all of that ,
edward and i walked over to mountain gallery for the opening reception of raquel naves - live free in hell.
another one of those "visually better in real life vs online".
and the video -


Nita-Karoliina said...

Superb blog you have here.

Anonymous said...

awesome photos
totally loving it
youve got a great blog, keep it up!
if you've got a few seconds and like cute dresses, go to www.sway.com/acree and put in your email, it will make you a part of sway, who is launching their collection in the fall...and it sends me to vegas! i need a 1,000 girls to sign up before august, and it would mean the world to me, thanks!
keep up your awesome inspiration


Chloe Michele said...

Wow every single girl pictured here is a massive babe.

Can't wait to hear about the rest of it!

FashionLifeCoach said...

Gorgous images and really all the girls have a special attitude and credibility.freaks.


omahyra, my fave look.