second dose.

in a swarm of mixed reviews , the rick owens spring 2011 collection is out -
for those of us who couldn't be in paris to witness it first hand.
and what can i say?
i love every collection.
its black. its white.
its heavy , symmetrical and has every single
touch of a rick owens collection - right down to the feet.

© andre
w thomas


Anonymous said...

"same song,different tune" - what a nice way of putting it!

adele said...

I think I like it except for the foot area. Call me conservative, but they seem a bit too rave-pant for me.

Mr.Winston said...

i dont really like rick owens, but i completely agree with the way to define it..
And of course i admit rick owens evolution..


Mr.Winston said...

I dont really like Rick Owens, but i completely agree with the way to define the colection...



love the black and white!

Trista said...

It's true, the collection was "same song, different tune", but that's why we love certain designers, right? We know they will deliver what we want to wear again and again. Even if we can't afford it!

Would you really want Gareth Pugh to change his tune? I didn't think so :)!

So screw the naysayers, I say.