the initial game plan was to go surprise my friend alex after he got out of work at oak
and whisk him away to dinner for his birthday.
I arrived a little before his shift ended so i thought no big deal,
i'll rummage through the 30/40/50 sale merchandise and see what i find.
bad idea. i found one thing here, another top over there.....
and then thanks to emilie i had my skin in a little black wayne dress i had never seen before.
perfect - needless to say it came home with me.

i left a few other things behind that i know ill regret later... i already do and i just got home.

oak williamsburg // 208 n 8th street // brooklyn

cant make it to the store?
the online shop has the sale going as well !

emilie - a true example of exceptional customer service.
( cant thank her enough for finding that dress )

we ended up having dinner at yaffa cafe on st marks.
this was one of the first places i ever ate at in new york
and if you haven't been there you are seriously missing out.
intense visual atmosphere and an excellent food selection.

trying to figure out my next step before hair club meeting.

not a god damn thing to do with fashion - but can someone please find sammy?

happy birthday alex !


Siouxsie said...

look how fucking good you look!

April Kam said...

you guys have amazing hair!

Anonymous said...

If I find Sammy I'm going to keep him FOREVER

V said...

I'm in lust with your hair!