sampling as seen on tv.

due to some horrible experiences with past sample sales ( thanks to urban outfitters )
i had pretty much sworn off going to any ever again.
but a soft 2 hour preview this evening at the oak bond location had me running to an atm.
from 6 - 8 the lower level was open and by the time i got there at 6:20 there was already madness.
i met up with zana and needless to say the two
of us combined did some pretty detrimental damage.

i highly suggest - HIGHLY SUGGEST - if you have a minute to spare this weekend,
you head to the bond street store to check it out.
this is one sample sale completely worth going to.

and on a side note :

earlier today i was in bed bath and beyond ,
when this giant fucking wall of green boxes with that little as seen on tv icon caught my eye. wonder hanger.
now in any other situation i would have kept walking BUT new york closet space is an issue
and it just so happens that mine looks like it threw up and i could use some serious help downsizing space.
thought id give it a shot-
i really wasn't expecting it to be a miracle but more or less a little improvement.


these are no joke.
yes , im being completely serious.
i must be getting old when i'm this excited over closet space.
but trust - you'll thank me later.


JME said...

.....and the official spokesperson is....

gotta get you a gig on the after 4am infomercials!

Amanda said...

haha i've seen those hangers too and thought about em. i'm def heading to this sale tomorrow on my lunch break!

dirtyflaws said...

JME - can you imagine !? baaaaahahahah " you wouldnt believe how much black shit i had all over the floor of my closet - now i can find that little black shirt in HALF the time"

jeralyn said...

I use these (in black): http://www.amazon.com/Karen-Rhodes-Anti-Slip-Velvet-Hangers/dp/B001NGP6SG

They are seriously the jam, for the rest of your space, they take up about 1/3 the space of a plastic hanger! My closet is STUFFED but organized thanks to these amazing things.

meagan said...

god i wish i lived in new york. i would be all over that sample sale. ugh.

FashionLifeCoach said...

I am addicted to sample sales, as you can find so many items there, which are not sold in stores. I am a bit envious....

ooothundathighrevo said...

I guess I'm getting old too. as soon as the hangers popped onto the screen it was only "ooo's" and "ahhhs" from this girl.

Jessica said...

lol yes i've seen the commercials ! Hey, if it works...:)
I wish i was near an OAK store ! woulda loved going. bummer

bixx said...

oh christ, have those. they're alright so long as the garments aren't bulky. pretty good though.

Ash Fox said...

i seriously need to some of those babies.

so sick you moved to nyc! you should come on thursday to the rock party at the hudson! posted some recent shots on my bloggy.


coco said...

where can I get those hangers? I really need that.

coco said...

where can I get those hangers? I really need that.

coco said...

i mean like online!

le pearl said...

This could really help me out! haha