9 portraits.

gareth pugh & carson mccoll

a small fraction of nick knights 100 portraits from ids 30th birthday edition

boy george //

pam hogg //

hannah marshall //

sami knight //

jethro cave //

alex box //

tasty tim //

alice dellal //

© photos scanned by dirtyflaws.com


the moonchild said...

these are amazing! i absolutely love them to bits. the fabric just kills me.


Anonymous said...

oh man.....its really hard for me to not swear while describing how incredible these portraits are to me. absolutely beautiful.
much love.

The Covetist

stells and co. said...

Really amazing photographs! Love them all!

D0)))nnie said...

I think I really need that mag! I totally fell in love with Alex Box and Hannah Marshall.

Madame G said...

Right - gotta get out of work NOW - must purchase my copy - NOW!

Izumihiiiflower said...

really great picture
i love the last ... alice dellal is very sexy and trash!

Family Law Melbourne said...

they are wicked so cool

Family Lawyers Melbourne said...