snow white

cant remember the last time i bought a magazine ,
but ids 30th birthday edition was a give in after 1. fleet ilya posted a photo of kate moss in latex leggings & harness and
2. remembering , thanks to char , nick knights 100 portraits.

so lets start with one first
snow white / kate moss & naomi campbell // joe colley

exterior appearance by atsuko kudo , house of harlet , vintage john galliano
fleet ilya , dolce and gabbana , vivienne westwood , givenchy & prada

© all scans by dirtyflaws.com


Anonymous said...


Amanda said...

i bought the one with the kate moss cover.. such a cool issue, a lot to read!

wobblinbetty said...

yeah, a must have mag!

Mcmaris said...

Kate looks effen AMAZE. I need latex thigh highs in my life stat!

Phillipe LeNerd said...

so so perfect
glad you post this
this is exquisite

FashionLifeCoach said...

Fab.I totally like the oily texture and the play with black,white and high shine contrasts.Great editorials.

istarblog said...

so gaga shots

finkalixius said...

awesome pix

Visualthread said...

This is so done, so seen before over & over...yawn...just don't know how to be creative and new

char said...

exactly, thanks to me!

drsalka™, the raver said...

im so in love with your blog and your personal style <3

lots of love from slovenia