tomorrow night might be the second coming .
ill be out. at home sweet home. with a few good friends.

come out - have a drink - in my case ill be drinking liquid tylenol.
yes tis the season to feel like absolute shit.
the only cure is darkman x ( JUST SAYING CHAR )

on a happier note ,i'll have a few dirtyflaws ts on hand for a special price
( you can also purchase here )

see you tomorrow

raquel & mollie


nik said...

lol carls glasses

Phillipe LeNerd said...

seems so fun!
love to be there
have great time :)

Anonymous said...

perhaps it should have been called suburban filth

L.Amber said...

hey, isn't that mollie sue?

Anonymous said...

i love mollie and a i love raquel!

Anonymous said...

i love mollie and i love raquel!