[ ashen tundra , frozen roads ]

inaisce // fw 11-12


Mari said...

LOVE the pieces.
Love the styling.
Want everything.
I would wear any of the clothes in this collection.
So perfect!

Also, I just posted the Seventh outfit for the I6L styling challenge.

Seven of 30!


-La Copine


ole thomas said...

oh my fucking god that is SO obscur!

become a image consultant said...

Fashion style is unique & edgy but still very stylish.

bixx said...

pretty damned nice.

Anonymous said...


Jessica said...

love the jackets, they are beautifully constructed!

meagan said...

those gray women's coats are beautiful...structured yet unfinished, and they look very warm. love.

jefske said...

the female parka is so good!

martha said...

wow that guy is absolutely HOT !!
i need to check out this collection ... I really love the efortless styling ...thank you for sharing <3