new year new shades

louise armstrup ss11

grown tired of drowning in black all the time.
i would like to say i would actually wear these
, maybe/maybe not ,
but right now i'm definitely into the idea


Adele said...

Tan's been growing on me lately. I'm tempted... especially if it's done right, like it is here.

Phillipe LeNerd † said...

and i have to say it looks very dark though
so it's a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, drowning in black all the time does sometimes get a little boring.

kid said...

I thought I'd never say this, but yes, black seems a little bit dull right now. I recently discovered some muddy shades of brown and grey, somehow they look a whole lot fresher than black. these louise armstrup looks are a little bit too light for me though.

Ida said...

I feel the same each time spring/summer arrives. I try to get out of the blackstage but it never seem to get comfy in colors anyway. But stil I try.

emmajap said...

You only abandon black to come back to it later .
20 years now i am wrapping myself in black with the same delectable pleasure, a few color interruptions that only made me realize how much i love it, how much it is me.

Bobby Whigham said...

do it!