sleeping snake.

a feeling i can not explain.
an overpowering sensation
nothing i can say, no photo i can take
can show the immense amount of beauty

sleeping snake accompanies wordless fly - hand in hand.

breathtaking and forever in debt to aoi

aoi kotsuhiroi

© all photography - dirtyflaws.com


xSzkrabx said...

What breaks my heart is that most of great artists such as Aoi K., Wang or Owens have no veganize stuff ;)

Leather looks perfect. Same horse hair. Nonetheless it would be nice to see something equally perfect made of faux materials...

By the way, I really like tribe inspirations.

Flirting with Fire. said...

Oh my goodness, cannot believe you have one of the amazing bracelets. They are breathtaking.

A La Mode said...

The details in these pictures are so beautiful!