the skin

complex geometries just posted their AW11 shoe collaboration with ld tuttle - the skin

I am really into these -
at least off foot .
now we just have to get them on .

what do you think?


DREAMY said...

ah very exciting. complex geometries and ld tuttle are two great loves.

xSzkrabx said...

I think that they are perfect. Actually I thought that it's sth from Won Hundred rather than LD. I wish I could see them as a part of an outfit or worn by model.

Adele said...

Resounding YES. They're so clunky and awkward in a way which earns them a big tick in my book.

Anonymous said...

Complex geometries has taken a turn for the better.

john said...

I wouldn't mind wearing them. Were you in Berlin a couple of weeks ago, by the way?

Anonymous said...

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