close out.

all photos via instagram : dirtyflaws

thats it.
thats my fashionweek in 7 photos.
wouldnt have had it any other way.


Emily Ulrich said...

That last picture is particularly striking <3

La:Dolce:Vita Fashion Fix said...

I love the matte black nails. So mysterious. lol.

GvN said...

Loooove this post!
More please!

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LeNerd † said...

the last one is the most important.

+ love

William said...

who made the ring (in the 3rd picture)? I really like it

Obscure Alternatives said...

How did you get the matte black nails!?

Jonathan said...

The nail polish (and ring) are amazing! What are they?

dirtyflaws said...

william & jonathan - the ring is aoi kotsuhiroi xx


Obscure Alternatives - lincoln park after dark matte finish x i also use this matte black where i got my nails done at valley nails in NYC

Skyggemare said...

Uhm.. The nails <3 *putting on matte, black nailpolish*

nice pics!

Aoi said...

Darling, you're beautiful!!! We want more pictures of you on your blog!!! ;) .....
Who made the leather jacket? you're perfect in it!