narcissus & goldmund

stylezeitgeist volume 1 images © dirtyflaws.com

last night was the nyc launch party for the stylezeitgeist magazine.
an amazing turn out at the soho grand ,
congratulations to everyone who had a hand in the print work
- absolutely beautiful publication.

my dear friend jeff elstone was kind enough to send over
images from his piece in volume 1 ,
narcissus & goldmund .

narcissus & goldmund
photography - jeff p elstone
styling - holly susan gray
styling assistant - thao nguyen
hair - owen gould
make up - alexandra kwiatkowski

models - justin passmore • matheus strapasson • henrietta hellberg

© jeff elstone for stylezeitgeist

* i cant stress this enough
if you are going to take any of the photos from this post , or the entire website for that matter,
please credit source, photographer, etc.

its like a bullet to the head to see tumblrs full of work with no background.


Anonymous said...

I had to use a 'reverse image' search engine to find the photographer of one of these images, because the photograph was uncredited on [yep you guessed it] tumblr. I'm glad I found this post though, and your blog is wonderful. I have been here many times before, and will return many times to come.

bixx said...

yes. i've had folks on tumblr swipe stuff from my blog without crediting the photogs and it's inexcusable. lazy.

was really digging this post then i saw it was styled by holly suan gray; figures. that chick always comes through.