back to basic // mona johannesson // © matteo montanari / amica march 2011

via rackk and ruin / from noir facade


bjorg jewelry // shop here


as mentioned earlier this month, one of the few things
that i participated in during fashion week was the odyn vovk show -
which provided what substantially has become the soundtrack to my life
- the combination of materials and rythmic energy by both
austin and EUC is nothing short of perfect.

video provided by blip.tv


kunstformen der natur

thetwentyten bat scarf // evanewyork


© garri frischer & julia krantz // sang bleu


2 minutes

© erik madigan heck // a magazine


nero steps

ann demeulemeester double nap nero boot // ln-cc.com



andrej pejic // © juergen teller for zeit magazine // images via the fashionisto


limited standstill

© corinne schiavone

a few beautiful shots from the inaisce fw11 presentation by corinne schiavone

dl lm

© jeff elstone

i spent some much needed time catching up with one of my dear friends louis - the mind behind dominic louis - who had
just wrapped up showing his recent collection during NYFW , urban emperor.
the following are the personal photos of an afternoon well spent reading his most recent interview with blackbook
and discussing this ,that and the androdgynes others.

• leather bag by KISS •


severed spiral

© zimbio

odyn vovk fw11

with opener andrej pejic and the sounds of electrical umbilical cord ( hands down a new favorite ) ,
odyn vovk delivers yet another incredible collection, one that we almost missed due to lateness.
but, better late then never, this was one of the few shows i made a double mark for.
and with news of womenswear in the future , my unhealthy obsession has taken a turn for the worse.


a silent anthem

anthem ss11 / rick owens / hintmag.com

more human than human.

a week in review.
through my lens.
before it decided to call it quits.