no regrets x

last week i attended the launch of stylezeitgeist volume 2 at the one and only atelier new york.
i knew without a doubt it would be another outstanding publication ( and party  ) 
but i had no idea one of my personal favorites 
had a feature spread - aoi kotsuhiroi.
 (anna frost & irina salimov did a fucking fantastic job )

aoi has been a huge part of dirtyflaws for years, in fact since the very beginning, 
and she has unknowingly played a tremendous roll in the shaping of this site.
getting to know aoi and her work via email , i can honestly
say she is one of the most inspiring females i have ever featured and
i'm forever grateful to own pieces of the chapters.

 special thank you to k, c and the a crew 


A La Mode said...

Wow, this is insanely beautiful!

Anonymous said...
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